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What Type of Lawn Mower is Right for Me?

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The type of lawn mower you choose is key to a pleasant mowing experience. It’s important to educate yourself on the different types of mowers and the specific uses and benefits of each. If you purchase any random mower without knowing if it’s going to be well-suited for your lawn then you might end up in a bit of a jam. For example, if you have a large property with a lot of lawn to mow or an area that has many obstacles to work around, you might need a specialized machine that’s going to get the job done efficiently while also making it much easier for you to accomplish.

At Dowling Tractor in Enterprise, AL, we’ve got an excellent variety of lawn mowers for you to choose from. We’ve also put together some pertinent information about the different types of mowers to help you make your decision.

Walk-Behind Mowers vs. Zero-Turn Mowers

Walk-Behind Mowers

You’ve probably noticed that walk-behind or push mowers are fairly prevalent among homeowners. This type of mower offers a decent cutting width along with the ability to cut through long, thick grass. There are also models available that can turn clippings into mulch. Walk-behind mowers are often recommended if you have a small yard that’s less than half an acre. Another great perk of choosing a walk-behind lawn mower is that they’re very easy to use and pretty much anyone can operate one. 


Zero-Turn Mowers

If you have a sizeable lawn to mow that’s over one acre, you might want to consider a zero-turn or riding mower. People often choose zero-turn mowers because they save a lot of time. They’re also relatively easy to handle, extremely maneuverable, and always highly productive. You’ll also enjoy the added bonus of being able to cut closely around flowerbeds, bushes, and the like so you won’t need to waste any additional time with a weed whacker.


Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowers

Commercial Lawn Mowers


Residential Lawn Mowers


Gas vs. Electric Lawn Mowers

Gas-powered lawn mowers provide a longer running time and essentially more power than electric mowers do. You should also remember that gas mowers tend to be messier and require more maintenance than their electric counterpart. Electric lawn mowers come in corded or cordless models and are generally much cleaner and easier to operate than gas lawn mowers. Keep in mind that unless you always have batteries readily available, you can run out of power on your electric mower at any given moment. Corded models also limit your ability to move freely and this can become problematic at times.

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