ATVs vs UTVs: Which one is Right for You?

When you’re trying to decide what type of off-road vehicle to invest in, there are some important factors to consider. A good place to start is understanding the difference between these two types of vehicles. ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, which are designed in such a way that the rider straddles the vehicle. UTVs or utility vehicles, on the other hand, resemble automobiles more as the driver sits in a seat and operates a steering wheel. It goes without saying that both of these vehicles are highly powerful machines. When you’re choosing which type to invest in, you should consider what its primary use will be.

We can promise you that whatever option you land on, you’ll enjoy the thrill and sense of accomplishment you get riding your new off-road vehicle. Whether you’re interested in ATVs or UTVs, be sure to visit us at Dowling Tractor in Enterprise, AL! Our staff would be happy to help you in the process. We can also take care of any of your parts, service, and rental needs right here at our dealership.

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Side by Sides

Utility vehicles are often referred to as side by sides due to their bench seating where the rider and passenger sit beside each other. Many choose to purchase a UTV to help with all the heavy lifting that needs to be done at a work site. They are durable and strong vehicles and many models can support add-ons like implements. Some key qualities you’ll want to evaluate as you browse your options include power, performance, and durability.


For the most part, ATVs are only built to support one person. However, there are some models that are designed to handle an additional passenger. You’ll be able to access tighter spaces with an ATV due to its smaller frame width. Some customers choose to invest in an ATV when they want to tear up the trails on a quad for several hours of fun. ATVs are versatile and can be great for work around the property as well.

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